A game-changing challenge for couples.

Time to shake up your routine with the Little letterbox challenge.

The Little Letterbox challenge will:

  • 1. Break boring habits.

  • 2. Strengthen your bond.

  • 3. Create memorable moments.

  • 4.  Improve your communication.

  • 5. Unlock a lifetime of fun.

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5 note packs included

Your note packs

Simply choose one from our expertly curated packs, follow the instructions, and prepare to embark on a journey of connection, growth, and love.

note packs included

The Little Letterbox Challenge comes with 5 note packs to get you started

That's 260 Little Letters!

  • Love coupons

    Show your devotion by completing loving tasks for your partner. Or why not take turns?

    Purchase seperately 
  • Get creative!

    Know exactly what you want to say? Write your own letters on our perfectly-sized, luxurious textured Italian card.

  • Together let's...

    Coming up with date ideas can be difficult, but not with our suggestions up your sleeve!

  • Questions

    Time to get thinking! Answer questions about your partner, recording your answer in the space provided.

  • Pick 'n' choose

    Can’t make up your mind? Choose from our variety pack containing 4 different letter styles.

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How it works

1.  Choose your little letter

Choose from one of our curated note packs.

2.  Post your letter

Post it and put the flag up to let them know they’ve got mail!

3.  Feel the love!

Discover the timeless joy & love of The Little Letterbox and keep the spark alive.

You're in good hands

Whether you've been together for a few months or several years, your Little Letterbox will make you fall in love all over again.


Each Little Letterbox is crafted for a lifetime of use.